5 Tips to Not Drop Your Phone (Even In the Toilet)

Tips to not drop your phone

Nowadays, so many of us have phone anxiety - we fear making or receiving calls, forgetting them in a taxi, and there's the constant threat of dropping our phones.

People with fumble fingers know very well how scary those "heart attack moments" are. Even if you are good at keeping things, accidents happen.

Let's look at how you can keep your phone free from harm.

Wait. You don't think you need our tips?

Your Phone Might Be As Hard As Rock, But…

The iPhone 12 series boasts four times more drop-durability than previous models, thanks to the ceramic shield screen. Yes, the ceramic shield is the toughest GLASS to be used on a smartphone. But it's still glass. And glass breaks and shatters.

You can't control the angle of how your phone falls or where it lands. The glass screen and rear panel might survive numerous drops, but next time you might not be so lucky. And when it does happen, you're going to be devastated - cursing, screaming, maybe a little cry. You've seen those pictures of cracked phone screens; one unexpected fall is enough to ruin your phone.

FYI, a cracked screen repair costs a lot. Apple charges more than $200 (out-of-warranty price) to replace an iPhone 12 mini screen, and that phone is small. The story for other phone users with cracked screens isn't much different.

Not Every Part of Your Phone is Durable

You may find your phone comes out unscathed after you've dropped it. Was it your lucky day? Maybe you're thinking about how amazingly durable your phone is until you play a song and you hear the microphone crack.

Even though the glass front and back can survive a drop on a hard surface, it doesn't mean the metal frame and those tiny components inside the device are out of harm's way.

So, if you want to hold onto your phone for years, you'd better be careful and cut down on the number of times you drop your phone.

Tips on How Not to Drop Your Phone

1. Use a good phone case

A phone case is the first thing that many people think of when it comes to protecting their everyday-tool. This must-have accessory is there to absorb some of the impact when your phone smacks against the ground (you know the sound I'm talking about). It doesn't cost much but can save you money down the road.

use a phone case to avoid dropping your phone

More protection usually means more bulk, but some cases provide lasting protection while maintaining a minimalist style. If you're a careful person, a slim phone case should suffice.

Another reason to have a phone case is that it can improve your grip. Glass can be slippery, all the more so for people with sweaty hands. A phone case with a good texture for gripping can prevent your phone from slipping out of your hands in the first place.

2. Use a screen protector

If you find covering the back of your phone is necessary, you shouldn't leave the front screen exposed either.

Consider getting a screen protector that doesn't add too much weight or change your phone's look. Screen protectors are typically more affordable than a phone case. I understand some people prefer not to use a phone case to cover the original color or phone design, but a screen protector is a must.

3. Use a phone ring holder/strap

I have my phone in a case, and I use a tempered glass screen protector, which is lucky since I drop it a few times every month. If you're like me, clumsy and careless, or if you often find your hands full, a phone ring holder or strap may be what you need. You can thread your fingers or wrist through the ring/strap. When a mishap occurs, your phone will dangle from your finger or wrist instead of hitting the floor.

If you're an outdoorsy person, a phone ring holder or strap is not enough to secure your investment. Nor is it convenient. Fear not, there're accessories for these situations, too. Wear a belt to store your phone when you go for a run. Use a pouch when you're climbing or doing some sightseeing.

4. Enable one-handed mode

Contemporary smartphones tend to be sizeable for a better entertainment experience. Even though that means we can't easily access every part of the screen when holding the brick with one hand. I remember well stretching my thumb to reach the bar on the top of the screen while the other hand is holding the subway handrail or a shopping bag. I fumbled to save my phone several times but didn't always manage it.

use one-handed or reachability mode to avoid dropping your phone

Phone makers realize how unreasonable phone sizes are, and the solution they provide is a one-handed mode or reachability mode on iPhones. Just turn it on for the page content to move halfway down the screen where your thumb can tap effortlessly.

5. Pay attention to where you use the phone

Admit it. It's hard to stay alert every moment. But at least we can pay more attention in these unfortunate places where people tend to drop their phones a lot.

One in three Americans even admits to dropping their phones down the toilet. I'm not telling you to change your habit. Just keep in mind that water damage is almost impossible to repair when you take your phone to the toilet, the bathroom, the kitchen, or place it near your beer.

Also, try not to put it on your lap, where one slight movement can unbalance your phone. We all want our phones at our fingertips, so put them on a flat surface instead.

Lastly, be careful when you charge your phone via cables. This is where I drop my phone the most. We've all been there, right? You tripped over the cord, and the phone flew off the table and slammed to the ground. You don't even have time to rescue it because you were busy saving yourself from your own mortification. So, keep those cables away, or use a wireless charger instead if your phone supports it.

use a wireless charger to avoid being tripped over by cords and dropping your phone


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