What is So Special about 600D Aramid Fiber?

PITAKA’s signature 600D aramid fiber is specially sourced and only used for premium products. 600D is extremely rare as it has a fine weave and is challenging to produce, making the products that use it even more unique.

What is 600D Aramid Fiber

Why do we use 600D?

600D aramid fiber is a new high-tech fiber that is around five times stronger than steel but is approximately one-fifth of the weight. Since the weave of 600D is more delicate, the results are even more impressive, resulting in a lighter and softer product.

Complicated Craftsmanship

The weaving of 600D aramid fiber requires nearly 1500 radial yarn strands and one zonal yarn strand, with a space of 0.83mm between each fiber harness. It’s more difficult to process 600D than 1500D aramid fiber. The manufacturing mold needs to be highly accurate. And techniques involved in the process of cutting, dismantling, cleaning, polishing, and coating are highly advanced, given the product could easily be bent, out of shape or pierced through by any careless handling during the process.

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Nearly 1500 strands of aramid fiber (double the size of 1500D aramid fiber) are gathered and woven into a flexible fabric.

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The fabric will be carefully impregnated with epoxy resin to hold them in position and make sure they will not break.

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After being cut into smaller pieces than that from 1500D aramid fiber, PITAKA patented integral forming technique adds flexibility to fabric.

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Multi-angled lasers then will be used with more delicate control to cut out the accurate openings on the soft case.

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We will then get all the cases precisely coated with the special paint 3 times to make them more durable and resistant to scratches.

Why PITAKA choose 600D

Why PITAKA Choose
600D Aramid Fiber?

600D aramid fiber is a new high-tech fiber with great strength and modulus. It’s about 5-6 times stronger than steel wire but its weight is just about 1/5 of the steel wire. In addition, for a small or medium-sized product made from 600D aramid fiber, there are more lattices per unit of the microgroove fiber cloth, which means more mix of twill and plain weave. It makes the product more beautiful and more comfortable to touch. 

In other words, the product of the same model made from 600D aramid fiber is lighter and softer than that from 1500D aramid fiber.