MagEZ Card Sleeve 2

Attach the magnetic phone case wallet to your MagEZ Case to conveniently carry and access business cards or credit cards. Strong magnets allow the card sleeve to connect seamlessly to the phone case, ensuring the card wallet stays safely and securely attached. The card slot holds up to two bank cards or four business cards while ensuring an ultra-thin design.

Not compatible with MagEZ Case for Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Ultra, S20 Ultra, Note20 Ultra, HUAWEI P40, and HUAWEI P40 Pro.

Magnetic Connectivity

Slim, Precision Cut Design

2 Bank or 4 Business Cards

MagEZ Card Sleeve 2

Notice: Compatible with iPhone 12 Series, MagEZ Case Series, and other phone cases with MagSafe®.







MagEZ Card Sleeve


MagEZ Card Sleeve

Make Your Mobile More Useful

Simply attach the sleek card wallet to an iPhone 12, MagEZ Case for your smartphone, iPad Pro or iPad Air to conveniently access your cards when you’re on the go.

MagEZ Case for iPhone 12
MagEZ Power Bank

iPhone 12 Series

Magnetically attaches to your iPhone 12 with or without a MagEZ Case.

MagEZ Power Bank

MagEZ Case

Use a MagEZ Case with your smartphone or iPad Pro/Air to attach your MagEZ Card Sleeve 2.

An Ultra-Slim,
Minimalist Design

The magnetic phone wallet is precision cut with only a single seam. Its ultra-thin design allows you to hold your phone comfortably, even when it’s attached.

MagEZ Card Sleeve

Magnetic Stripe
Card Protection

Designed to hold any type of card including chip & PIN and magnetic stripe cards without becoming demagnetized.

MagEZ Card Sleeve
MagEZ Card Sleeve
MagEZ Card Sleeve

Holds Your Essential Cards

Perfect for professionals. Easily access your transit pass, electronic swipe cards, and business cards.

MagEZ Card Sleeve


Length: 0.37in (96mm) Width: 0.24in (63mm) Depth: .09in (2.55mm)


Attach to the MagEZ Case or MagEZ Case Pro. The magnetic card wallet cannot hold strip cards as there may be a chance of demagnetization. Not compatible with the MagEZ Wallet or MagEZ Wallet UE. Remove the card wallet before wireless charging. Holds two Chip & PIN cards or four business cards. Not waterproof.

Materials and Tech

Soft-touch PU Leather (Synthetic Leather)


2 months warranty See our warranty page for more information.

Package Contents

1 x MagEZ Card Sleeve

Q1. Do magnetic wallet phone cases demagnetize credit cards?

A1. Yes, there's a risk that bank cards that have magnetic strips on the back may be demagnetized. Chip and Pin cards are entirely safe to use in this wallet.

Q2. Will it work with any magnetic phone case?

A2. It may work, but since the card holder is specifically designed for our MagEZ Case, the magnetic attraction may not be adequate.

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