How to choose the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 phone case?

With less than three weeks to go, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 leaks have gradually saturated the media. Based on previous new phone releases, those leaks that begin life as a 'rumor,' many of them are proved correct on launch day.

Those who are raring to buy the newest Samsung flagship phone are also searching for a suitable phone case, but which one is best?

First, let's discuss some of the confirmed features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20:

Will the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 be more durable?

As you might expect, the Note 20 is an upgrade of the Note 10+. It's going to have a new and upgraded chipset, an improved display, new camera functions, and other new exciting features. The Note 20 will also be more powerful, but it may not be as robust as older models. Phone manufacturers, including Samsung, now use far more expensive and fragile materials than before.

We've collected news about the Note 20 from several sources to determine whether the Note 20 will be more fragile, or the opposite.

A Larger, Flat Screen

Galaxy Note 10 vs. Galaxy Note 20 (Image credit: Ice Universe)

Reportedly, the Note 20 will have a flat-screen, unlike the typical curved screen found on other Samsung phones. While curved screens look slimmer, they are often easier to slip from your fingers, so flat screens are much safer. However, the Note 20 is bigger.

Based on pictures released by the phone leaker, Ice Universe, the Note 20 is perceptibly longer than Note 10. It will have a 6.42-inch screen, nearly the same size as the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Large-screen mobiles are more difficult to fit into pockets and therefore exposed to more dangers.

Large Camera Bump

With almost every new phone release comes a bigger, more advanced camera. Samsung has upgraded the cameras for the Note 20, and based on photos, a more substantial camera bump is seen on the rear camera to protect high-spec lenses from getting scratches and damaged.

New Colors and Frosted Glass

Samsung Russia

Besides classic black and white/grey, Samsung has chosen a series of stunning color options for the Note 20: copper and mint green.

To match these striking hues, Samsung has selected frosted glass to make the back of the phone, like the S20, to look more attractive and more difficult to slip out of your hand. However, glass is still glass. It's slippery compared to other materials like aluminum. Also, frosted glass is more prone to showing fingerprints. It will be easier to slide off a surface, and it will also look filthy after you touch it.

It appears that compared with the Note 10, the Samsung Note 20 isn't any more durable. Even if you're not convinced, you might still use a phone case to protect this top-notch smartphone.

How to choose the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 phone case

Now you know how the Note 20 will look, it's easier to figure out what kind of phone case you might need.

Compatible with Screen Protectors

The Galaxy Note 20 includes a bigger and more fine-tuned screen. It's a delight to the eyes, but things could turn ugly if you crack or smash it. Like a phone case, a screen protector is a must-have accessory to make the phone last longer. There are screen protectors of different sizes and materials available, and the case and protector must be compatible.

Protection for the Camera

It's easy to neglect the rear camera, but it's prone to scratches if its thrown on a table or other hard surface. A phone case that provides extra protection for the camera is essential.

Scratch-free and Fingerprint-proof

A phone case, at least, should protect the phone from drops and scratches. But that's not enough if you want to keep your phone for a long time, and in good condition, which is why the phone case for Galaxy Note 20 should be fingerprint-proof, especially with the frosted-glass back.

Sleek and Stylish

The Note 20 will have the slim and sleek aesthetic that shouldn't be covered with an ugly, chunky protective case, but you can't have it go without one either. A phone case that maintains a balance of protection and beauty is essential. Many people believe that if a phone case is protective, it has to be thick and heavy, but the reality is there aren't any cases that can 100% guarantee the safety of your phone. Choose a case that's as protective as possible but also sleek.

Why choose the PITAKA magnetic phone case for Galaxy Note 20?

Magnetic Attraction

One of the highlights of the PITAKA Note 20 phone case is that it's magnetic. Magnetic phone cases are not new, but PITAKA is the pioneer of practical 'magnetic' phone cases with their magnetic ecosystem of products. Magnets make life more convenient, and over the last few years have been added to many electronic devices to improve functionality.

With metal plates carefully positioned inside PITAKA's phone cases, you can attach the Note 20 to other magnetic products, such as the PITAKA magnetic car mount, the MagEZ Mount Qi and magnetic wireless chargers.

It has everything you need to protect your Galaxy Note 20

Crafted from our signature aerospace-grade material, aramid fiber, the magnetic phone case is smooth, light, scratch-resistant, and highly durable. Furthermore, it has extra rings to protect the rear camera. You can hold it firm in your hand comfortably, without leaving fingerprints. Due to our special vacuum forming process, the form-fitting case easily offers access to all buttons and allows the application of any edge-to-edge screen protectors.

If you are looking for a magnetic phone case for Note 20, look no other than PITAKA's MagEZ Case for Note 20.

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