It’s About Time You Considered Magnetic Wireless Charging

iPhone magnetic wireless charging

At the end of the 19th century, Nikola Tesla experimented with what became known as the Tesla coil, transferring electricity over a short distance without wires. This technology lay relatively dormant for over a century until wireless charging began to appear in small electrical devices, such as toothbrushes. However, it wasn’t until 2015 when Samsung included wireless charging in their smartphones that wireless charging for phones began to have a future. Two years later, Apple joined the Qi Wireless Power Consortium and included wireless charging in the iPhone 8, which evitably fuel the wireless charging market.

You may have heard that Apple is likely including magnets in the upcoming iPhone 12, which suggests a connection to wireless charging. This report has undoubtedly sparked debate amongst tech bloggers and news outlets about why Apple needs to use magnets and how this addition may improve wireless charging.

Update 10/15: MagEZ Case for iPhone 12 is required to charge your iPhone 12 on PITAKA MagEZ series chargers.

How will Apple Achieve Magnetic Wireless Charging?

Since the iPhone 8, every subsequent iPhone has wireless charging functionality, even though many users still prefer wired charging, and Apple still doesn’t have it’s own wireless charging range. Although, that’s probably about to change.

magnets in the iPhone 12

from EverythingApplePro

STEP 1: Remove the power adapter. If Apple doesn’t include the 5W charger with future iPhone models, users are left using old ones, or forced to buy one.

STEP 2: Make the iPhone magnetic. The latest rumor shows a circular pattern of magnets positioned on the iPhone 12’s chassis, allowing it to stick to metal items.

STEP 3: Offer a compatible wireless charger. Remember AirPower? Briefly debuting back in 2017, it then disappeared into the ether due to intractable problems regarding positioning and overheating. The good news is that it is probably returning from the dead.

Apple believes wireless is the future, and that magnetic wireless charging is the future of mobile device charging.

What’s So Good About Magnetic Wireless Charging?

Device Positioning is Simplified

wireless charging for iPhone

One of the advantages of magnetic wireless charging is that based on magnets and metal placement, the phone will automatically align to the optimal charging position on the wireless pad. Exact placement is essential since wireless charging requires accurate and close alignment between the phone and the charger to make a connection. With standard wireless charging mats, it can sometimes be challenging to find the sweet spot on the pad to begin charging. With magnets, you don’t need to worry about finding the correct position; they’ll do it for you.

Get Rid of Annoying Charging

positioning problem on wireless chargers

Magnetic wireless charging can alter how you charge your phone. Whenever you put down your phone, placing it on the wireless charging pad can become second nature. You don’t have the hassle and time-suck of plugging in a cable or finding the correct spot for charging. With magnetic wireless charging, your phone charging becomes subconscious.

Magnetic Wireless Charging is More User Friendly

magnetic wireless charging stand for iPhone

One of the reasons many people have yet to adopt wireless charging is that it doesn’t allow you to use your phone while charging. Once you move your phone away from the charging pad, you break the magnetic field, and the charging stops. To charge your phone, it always needs to be on the pad.

With magnetic wireless chargers, you can have your phone charging while upright. Your phone is magnetically attached to the wireless charger, allowing you to watch videos, or check your Instagram feed, just like when you hold your phone.

How to Choose a Magnetic Wireless Charger for Your Phone?

Whether your phone is magnetic or not, you might consider what magnetic wireless charger is best for you.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a magnetic wireless charger for your phone?

Compatible with Your Phone and Phone Case

Before purchasing a magnetic wireless charger, you’ll also need a magnetic phone or phone case. Although there are magnets inside every smartphone, they’re not strong enough to stick to metal.

magnetic phone case compatible with magnetic wireless charging

Don’t worry if you don’t have a magnetic phone. Magnetic phone cases and metal stickers are great substitutes. Just make sure you have a magnetic wireless charger that is compatible with your phone case or holds any phone case and still charges.

Secure and Safe Attachment

phone case and magnetic wireless charger

Although the magnetic function auto aligns your device, it should also remain secure on the charger. It should be stable enough for in-car charging where you may experience bumpy roads or long journeys.


versatible magnetic wireless charger, magnetic power bank

An ideal magnetic wireless charger should be able to charge your device at home, in the office, or even on the go. It should be easy to install and carry, so you never forget to charge your device.

PITAKA’s Magnetic Wireless Charging System

PITAKA is a pioneer in utilizing high-tech materials combined with intelligent design to simplify wireless charging.

Aramid Phone Cases That Are Compatible with Magnetic Wireless Chargers

aramid fiber phone case compatible with magnetic wireless chargers

PITAKA crafts aerospace-grade aramid phone cases that are incredibly durable and sleek. One of the MagEZ Case’s unique features is that the protective case already has metal strips embedded into its layers. It can be attached to magnetic charging devices, such as the MagEZ wireless charging series. The aramid phone case is one of the cornerstone products, compatible with all chargers in the PITAKA ecosystem.

Magnetic Wireless Charging Car Mount

magnetic wireless charging car mount for iPhone

The MagEZ Mount Qi is a versatile magnetic car mount that supports fast wireless charging. Small magnets are carefully placed, tightly holding your phone regardless of the road conditions. The MagEZ Mount Qi can fully charge a phone within three hours.

Magnetic Wireless Charger + Power bank

magnetic wireless charger magnetic power bank

The MagEZ Juice is a magnetic wireless charging stand that allows you to charge while at home or in the office. It also doubles as a magnetic wireless charging power bank with 2000mAh capacity, which provides a quick boost of power, ensuring you never run out of charge while you’re out and about. Just attach it to your phone with the MagEZ Case and enjoy auto- aligned, seamless charging.

With strong magnets embedded, you can simply use it with any phone or case with additional metal stickers.

Magnetic Wireless Charging is the Future

Even though magnetic wireless charging has been around for a while now, only a few know how great it is! Check out the PITAKA ecosystem of magnetic wireless chargers to learn more.

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