Why Living A Minimalist Life Is So Hard: 5 Creative Tips To Simplify Your Life

You don’t think minimalist living is for you? That’s Okay. You’ve come to moments where you have to get rid of things that you don’t need anymore.

Sometimes you try to declutter an area in your home, for example, and at the beginning, you are full of enthusiasm. Pulling things off drawers and shelves seem a lot of fun, until you discover a watch that’s bought many years ago but it’s covered by dust now. You have long forgotten it in the storage box. You don’t need it anymore, but there are so many lovely memories associated with it. Will you get rid of it?

It’s not easy, right? Being a minimalist, or just decluttering can be a lot of fun - until you realize you have to start getting rid of your things. In this article, we'll help you clear your mind (and your cabinets) so that you can embrace minimalism head on.

5 Creative Tips To Help You Simplify Your Life

1. Make A Declutter Checklist

Tip number one is to make a decluttering checklist! This is a list of everything you feel you need to get rid of to start becoming a minimalist. Maybe this is clothes, furniture, or even just excess junk lining the shelves of your home.

As you walk around your home and start creating a list of everything you need to get rid of, you should also be thinking about how you're going to be getting rid of these items. Part of the minimalist life is being eco-friendly and reducing your waste; anything that you can recycle, repurpose, or donate is a big win!

2. Get Your Friends and Family Onboard

As we mentioned before, one of the key challenges of becoming a minimalist comes from your friends and family. They likely aren't leading minimalist lifestyles, and (like trying to stay on a diet) being around non-minimalists can make sticking to your ideals difficult.

The best way to avoid this temptation and friction is to try and get your loved ones on board with the ideas of minimalism! It shouldn't be too hard since most people can easily recognize the values of minimalism in their own life.

A good way to convince others of your minimalist ways is to explain the very same points that convinced you to start being a minimalist.

3. Remember Why You Started

And speaking of your start as a minimalist, we're moving to tip number three! Like any challenge or change in life, there's always a point (or multiple points) where you start trying to talk yourself into giving up.

During these times, a great motivator can be to remind yourself why you started. Remembering the reasons that pushed you to minimalism in the first place will help you to continue moving forward on your minimalist journey.

When you do reflect on the reasons that led to your passion for minimalism, write them down! This way, when you hit future stumbling blocks, you can refer back to your list of reasons and stay motivated.

4. Reward Your Progress

Though it may seem counterintuitive to the minimalist movement, don't hesitate to reward your progress! Buying yourself something nice every now and then isn't a bad thing for your minimalist lifestyle.

Part of why we're here is to enjoy what life has to offer and to experience new things. If you're always removing things from your life, being a minimalist will quickly lose its magic.

So, instead of focusing on what you're getting rid of, focus on what's worth keeping, and buy yourself special gifts that reward and complement your minimalist efforts.

5. Purchase Multipurpose Devices

Finally, purchase multipurpose devices! Multipurpose devices are products that can perform the functions of multiple products at once. A knife is probably the best multipurpose device of all time, though other simple tools (like needles, ropes, and boxes) all make great minimalist items as well.

The trick in finding great multipurpose products is in being creative and finding creative designers. Some of the best designers in the world are minimalists, and once you start to think like a minimalist, you'll develop an eye for finding multipurpose products.

Here are some of our favorite minimalist devices!

Four Minimalist Devices To Simplify Your Life


With everyone talking about metal and wooden straws, most people have overlooked one of the worst offenders of product pollution: disposable razors. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, over two billion razors are sold (and eventually thrown away) every year.

Fortunately, you can easily reduce your razor usage by up to 75% by using a disposable razor sharpener. These devices are affordable, save you money, and most importantly, cut back on waste.


Nesting furniture is a new and exciting trend in the world of minimalist design. The idea behind it is to create furniture that stacks or slides together to take up less space. This could be a dresser made up of stackable drawers or a set of stools of different heights that fit perfectly together.

Nesting furniture is a great way to save space without sacrificing the amount of furniture you own. It's also great for modular minimalists that like to reorganize their homes regularly.


For the modern adventurer, artist, and minimalist, there is no greater tool than the backpack. A durable backpack can last you a lifetime, condensing your most valuable possessions into an easy to carry accessory.

The benefit of a backpack is that it enables you to streamline your everyday carry (or EDC) as effectively as possible. If an item makes it into the backpack, you know it's an essential, and if it doesn't, then it's probably time to let it go.

The Air Omni 6-In-1 Wireless Charger

The Air Omni 6-in-1 wireless charger is the next big thing in wireless charging. It can charge every Apple mobile device, and other devices including a Nintendo switch, a power bank and a Kindle. Charging 6 devices at the same time makes it the last charger you'll ever need to buy. There are no cables, making it great for the organization, and it's made from the highest quality materials available.

In Conclusion

Though there are many benefits to minimalism, it comes with considerable challenges that you'll need to overcome. Not only is it tough to not bring new items into your life, but it can also be hard to let some of your belongings go. Mastering the art of knowing when to let go is one of the key components of a minimalist life.

And there are many more unexpected challenges around you.

If you want to start living minimalist, or you just want to do some decluttering one day, hope these tips and recommended products can help you overcome these challenges and stay on track.

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