10 Easiest Ways For Men To Style Up

Style Up Tips

Some men almost always look stylish and spirited whenever you see them, so much so that you may get the sense that they don't have to try at all; their look, however, just works. Perfectly. Were they born with handsome appearances with perfect figures? Or were they born with an innate skillset you weren't lucky enough to receive? Apparently, not.

Many stylish men dressed themselves and made their style an extension of their identity. And they did this by following a set of principles, which you could duplicate in your own life. That is to say, you too, can find your own signature style.

The most important is that it's absolutely possible for you to create that kind of visual charisma without spending a lot of money or having your own personal stylist - all just by learning these ten style tips!

1. Wear Clothing That Fits

As the saying goes, "clothes make a man just as a saddle makes a horse", a set of appropriate fitting clothes is the number one most important thing when it comes to making a man look sharp. And yes, the top priority out of the ten.

Style Tips

Assuming that you own the best and most high-quality clothing in this world, but if it doesn't fit right, something will always look off about your appearance, which may kill any opportunity you have to look effortlessly cool right out of the gate. An incorrect fit can throw off your body's proportions and give the appearance that you're either shorter, heavier, taller, or thinner than you actually are.

But when clothing fits, you not only look good but feel good as well. Your posture improves and you carry yourself with more confidence, which affects the way you perceive yourself and the impact you have on others.

So, fit comes first no matter what you're wearing - be it suit, casual, or sportswear.

2. Dress For The Setting

Style is not merely about self-expression, it's also about being dressed appropriately for your environment. In other words, you need to dress fittingly and dress properly. As one of Tom Ford's oft trotted out fashion quotes explains, it's a mark of respect for others and about feeling comfortable in yourself. Resultantly, it would be best if you have the right attire to work with the setting you're in - and that's whether it's a formal dinner or a lazy Sunday in the pub.

Style Tips

Different social occasions often require different attire, and dressing smart for the right occasion will give us self-confidence. When speaking publicly, dress in a suit or jacket, it will lend you credibility and authority. When attending a wedding, suits, tuxedos, sportscoats or blazers and evening suits will never go wrong. Trouser suits, boleros and pashminas in lovely shades and prints are great choices for a cocktail party. For a business dinner or a company party, you can't go wrong with the suit and tie or blazer and tie; honor the religious ceremony with classic clothing like a suit or jacket or knee-length coat.

3. Fitness For A Fit And Robust Body Structure

In addition to dressing well, a healthy physique and a good figure are also crucial. And fitness will do the trick. Want to feel better, look better, be more energetic, reap a better figure and even add years to your life? Start working out now.

Style Tips

Regular fitness is one of the best things you can do for your health and body shaping. It has many benefits, including improving your overall health, shaping your body, improving mood, preventing excess weight gain, reducing your risk for many chronic diseases, etc. And you may also feel better about your physical appearance and yourself when you do fitness regularly, which can boost your confidence.

Fitting regular exercise into your daily schedule may seem difficult at first. But you can start slowly, even doing ten minutes at a time is fine.

4. Spend More Money On Less Pieces of Clothing

Yes. Spend more money on fewer pieces of clothing for the quality, as quality lasts longer than quantity, and with quality you look better in it. Quality clothing not only looks nicer in subtle ways, it also lasts longer and appear more lived in.

When you're dressed in quality garments, it shows. Not only can other people see it, but more importantly, you feel it, and your confidence lifts.

Yet, a great outfit is not always related to price. Remember that what suits you is the best — choosing clothes that feel you authentically, understanding what works for your body type and above all else, feeling confident in what you wear.

Style Tips5. Coordinate Your Belt And Shoes

Pay strict attention when selecting your belt and shoes. They should coordinate with one another, if not by color than by style. For example, a casual belt pairs with sneakers and other more relaxed footwear, while a leather belt should be worn with dress shoes and boots.

Colors don't have to match exactly but should coordinate somehow. If your shoes are brown, don't wear a black belt. Instead select something in the brown family, or simply colors that complement. A slightly lighter or darker hue is perfectly acceptable and keeps your look much effortless.

6. Invest In A Nice Watch

A watch is a perfect way to refine and accessorize your style. ''A watch is like a piece of art,'' says Don Cochrane, managing director of British watch brand Vertex. In daily life, a watch is mainly considered as a reflection of one's style and taste.

Men's watches come in many styles, so try different brands and types to fit your look and dress code. For example, you can wear a watch or a smart leather bracelet. It just gives your outfit a bit more personality.

Style Tips

Apple Watch seems a great choice. It's a fashion accessory and an essential tool for health and fitness. If you think it's not enough to up your wrist game, use accessories to add style to the watch. PITAKA's Carbon Fiber Watch Band features a minimalist yet stand-out aesthetic, and crafted from fine-weave 1K carbon fiber; it's lightweight and comfortable, unique and highly durable.

7. Bring Style To Your Personal Belongings

Nowadays, your phone has become part of your style, so some well-designed unique phone case could be one of the best ways to show your style and good taste. Fusion Weaving MagEZ Case 2 for iPhone 13 series from PITAKA, for example, crafted from aramid fiber using Fusion Weaving technique, features excellent three-dimensional effects and more intricate designs with various colors. No other aramid fiber case has a similar delicate style.

Style Tips

Distinct materials, innovative craft and Fusion Weaving technique make it distinctive from others. Just like a unique you - independent, confident and individual. Imagine someone pays you a visit at your office or your home, and how do they look when they are aware of your ingenious Fusion Weaving phone case at first glance. Surely, that will draw their attention and leave them a great impression of you (and your taste). It will inevitably blow their mind after they play with it; after all, it's hard to resist the temptation of an extremely smooth 3D grip with great comfort.

A unique phone case is a great way to incorporate unique elements of your personal style into your life and bring your sharp look to life. Weave your style! With PITAKA Fusion Weaving cases.

8. Choose Sunglasses To Suit Your Face Shape

Style Tips

Invest time into finding the right sunglasses, a functional piece that can elevate a great outfit, for yourself. Like anything else, they have to fit you right. Whether it is square, round or oval, some shades will make your face shine. With that in mind, find sunglasses that complement the shape of your face first, then focus on the style.

9. Take Good Care Of Your Appearance

Though clothes indeed make the man, it's also true that you need to take care of your hair and skin. Wash and moisturize your face daily to keep your skin looking naturally healthy, and get a stylish men's haircut at the barber so that your entire look comes across as fresh, clean-cut and trendy. Of course, complement that with a great perfume to make sure that you make an unforgettable impression.

10. Keep Open-Minded About Style

There isn't just one right way to be stylish. To avoid feeling like your style is stale and stagnant, you may follow people whose style you respect. Following them can give you outfit combinations that maybe you didn't think of, and this can also expand your repertoire with a second opinion.

Anyway, genuine style icons are those who go their own way with a self-confidence.

You just got ten easiest style tips that are enough for you to start to make yourself looking sharp. It is the first step that is challenging. After you take that first step, take the next. Before you realize it, you'll look in the mirror, and you'll see a better version of yourself.

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