Why You Need a Tablet Desk Stand and How to Pick the Best One

Why you need a tablet desk stand and how to pick the best one

As remote work has become the new norm, demand for large-screen mobile devices increases. People no longer want tablets just for binge-watching Netflix but also for working too. 

We use our tablets to complete many different tasks at home or in an office, from basic word processing to video conferencing. There may be times when you’ll need an accessory, such as a tablet and iPad stand, to unleash your tablet’s fullest potential while making life easier!

The Benefits of Using a Tablet Desk Stand

Viewing a tablet screen on a flat surface or haphazardly propped up on something is both uncomfortable and annoying, while having to hold it up at a certain height gives you dead arms. A tablet desk stand offers you comfort and even saves you from neck, arm, and back pain. 

If you’re using both hands to type on your Macbook but still want to use your iPad to view something, then a tablet stand could prove helpful.

In this situation, a tablet can become a second screen beside your laptop or even a digital photo frame on the mantelpiece. 

A tablet stand to turn your iPad Pro into a second screen

A desktop stand can improve productivity once the tablet is at the same level as your computer, as you can easily switch between tasks. 

How to Choose the Right Tablet Desk Stand?

While you might have an idea about what kind of tablet stand to get, you can still be overwhelmed by the options out there. 

So what factors do you need to consider when selecting a suitable stand? 

Here’re a few tips to help you make up your mind. 

1. Size

It’s not just about how big the tablet desk stand is but more about the size of the tablet it supports. 

Tablet stands come in different shapes and sizes. Some are larger with more features and tend to be sturdy static desk stands capable of holding bigger tablets, whereas, portable stands may only hold smaller-sized ones.

If you have multiple tablets, or you’re sharing the stand with your family and colleagues, it’s better to buy one that holds tablets of varying sizes and weights.

2. Flexibility

There may be times when you want to rotate your tablet between portrait and landscape mode or alter the angle of your screen. With a tablet stand that allows you to adjust the device, you can easily switch to Facetime from a movie. If you’re using the tablet to give a presentation, it’s a lot easier to show everyone what’s on the screen. 

3. Height

How do you want to access the tablet? There are tablet desk stands of different heights for different purposes. 

If you want to use your tablet while standing, choose one that allows you to look at the screen at eye level. To use a tablet stand at your work desk, make sure it lets you comfortably use the tablet. 

4. Location

Where will you put the tablet desk stand? Is it part of your office setup, or will you use the tablet in the kitchen so you can look at recipes while you cook?

Some tablet holders sit on a flat surface, while some need fixing down using stickers or screws. 

5. Durability

You don’t want to see your tablet falling off when you rotate the screen, so make sure the stand is sturdy enough not to tip over easily. Many stands have clips or stickers holding the tablet in place on the mount. 

6. The look and finish

Functionality in a product is not the only thing that matters; aesthetics and feel can be important too. 

If you’re using a product every day, it should give us pleasure to look at and use, so look for a tablet desk stand that appeals to you both functionally and aesthetically. 

The Adjustable Magnetic Tablet Stand from PITAKA

The MagEZ Stand is a tablet desk stand that can improve productivity and simplifies how you use your iPad or tablet. 

Made from robust zinc-aluminum alloy, the magnetic tablet stand holds a tablet weighing up to 2.2lbs (1kg) and has the flexibility to switch between portrait and landscape mode while securely holding your device. 

adjustable magnetic tablet stand from PITAKA

With it’s raised height, it places your device at almost eye level, making it suitable when using your tablet as a second screen.

The matte black finish and minimalistic design make the adjustable stand look elegant while complementing any surroundings.

What differentiates the MagEZ Stand from other tablet stands is the convenience and seamless experience it offers. Thanks to the magnetic design, you can snap your tablet onto the stand and easily remove it with one hand. 

magnetic ipad pro stand

You can use the MagEZ Stand with any tablet, using a metal sticker, but if you have an iPad Pro/Air, use the ultra-thin MagEZ Case 2, which is also Magic Keyboard compatible. The magnets in the case ensure your tablet stays put even when you adjust the screen. 

On top of that, its base wireless charges your Qi-enabled smartphone and earbuds. 

The MagEZ Stand and MagEZ Case 2 are both part of the PITAKA Pita!Flow ecosystem, a series of magnetic products that help you work more efficiently. 

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